Community Acupuncture, Ronceverte WV

community acupuncture

ronceverte, wv

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community clinic
pay what you want

walkins only

1pm to 5pm

community style acupuncture is the practice of treating several patients at the same time in a shared space. drop by for a quick acupuncture tune up, ear seed application, acupressure hand massage, or just to say hey and chat about all things TCM.

private sessions

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1.5 hour sessions

private acupuncture sessions also include at least one of the following traditional chinese medical modalities: fire cupping, moxibustion, e-stim, tui-na, and/or gua-sha. if none of the times on the online scheduler work, call or text matt at 774-722-8266 to make a special appointment.

fire cupping

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30 minute sessions

fire cupping is the practice of suctioning glass cups on the body to help relieve muscular tension and soreness.


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30 minute sessions.

the burning of moxa (mugwort) over specific points on the body facilitates systemic healing. indirect and smokeless.


meet matt.

this is matt and his dog emerson. matt is an nccaom nationally certified acupuncturist with a masters of science in acupuncture from the colorado school of traditional chinese medicine. he also holds a current license from the wv state board of acupuncture. emerson is the best boy.

over the past decade, matt's travels have taken him and his practice through denver, new york, oklahoma and new orleans-- but he is happy to have the opportunity to set up shop in his home, greenbrier county.

what to expect.

community style

the intake

matt will ask you questions about your chief complaint and general health from a traditional chinese medical perspective. he will then use your answers to determine the proper course of action.


next you will be taken to a comfortable chair where matt will insert 10-20 small acupuncture needles in distal locations. please wear loose clothing that allows easy access to just above the knees and elbows.


finally, you will sit comfortably for 15-20 minutes. after your time is up, matt will remove your needles and your treatment will be finished.

private session

private sessions are similar to community ones, however there are a few key differences.

one on one attention

prone treatments

private sessions utilize a massage table, allowing for more flexibility in treatment options.

additional modalities

each private session includes at least one of the following traditional chinese medical modalities:

  • moxibustion, the burning of mugwort over parts of the body
  • fire cupping, using fire to create suction in order to attach cups to the skin
  • gua sha, or skin scraping
  • tui na, chinese medical massage
  • e stim, the use of therapeutic electric stimulation
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211B chestnut street
ronceverte, wv 24970

the clinic is located between the post office and martin and jones in downtown ronceverte. the front of the clinic faces the walking bridge.

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community acupuncture clinic . 211b chestnut st . ronceverte . west virginia . 774.722.8266 .